Stop merging your pull requests manually

Mergify automatically merges pull requests when they're ready so you don't have to. You set the rules, it does the rest.

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If you're like most developers, you set high-quality standards

And when it comes to merging code, you have your opinion about what makes a pull request good to go.

Are tests passing?
Is test coverage decreased?
Is this a backport?
Has this been reviewed?
Is this documented?
Will this break any dependency?
Is this compliant with our code style?
Does this conflict with another branch?

Do you really want to ask yourself those questions each time you need to merge a pull request?

You have better things to do than manually reviewing those requirements, so Mergify does this for you.
Here's how it works:

  1. 1

    Configure your check services

    We support any service you may want to use: Travis, CircleCI, Jenkins, Codecov, etc. Go ahead and install them on your repository if you did not yet. By running on your pull requests, they'll set the commit status that will be matched against your rules.

  2. 2

    Activate Mergify on your repository

    Mergify is a Github Application that will monitor all the pull requests that are sent to your repository.

  3. 3

    Define your rules

    Add a .mergify.yaml in your repository with your own rules. Check out our documentation to learn how to write one.

  4. 4


    Mergify will monitor all the pull requests opened against your repository and will merge pull requests as soon as they satisfy the rules you defined.


See Mergify in action

Take a look at how Mergify can automatically merge your pull request when it's ready.


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You don't see the feature you need?

Our engine is open-source. Feel free to send us pull requests. If you do, we'll merge them with Mergify!